Ҳуқуқи башар

Allow the kid to leave for treatment!

To: The government of Tajikistan

A four years old Hamza Tillozoda is suffering from embryonic carcinoma. Testicular cancer is characterised by rapid growth of the neoplasm. The size of the tumour is doubled in 10-30 days. Tajik authorities in 2015 confiscated the passport of the mother of the child, Mizhgona Zainiddinova, because she is a daughter-in-law of the well-known opposition politician of Tajikistan Muhiddin Kabiri, who fled to Germany due to political repressions. At the behest of Tajik security authorities, non-core surgeons in Tajikistan performed an operation that resulted in the progression of the disease and testicular tumour.

The four years old Hamza, a grandson of Muhiddin Kabiri, has become actually a hostage in the hands of the Tajik authorities. An innocent child can not be responsible for the political activities of his grandfather. Fortunately, the times when the regimes that committed crimes against humanity, took children hostage, tortured, performed experiments on children, killed or burned children, remained in the 20th century. Every day and every moment of pain and suffering of an innocent child who is denied treatment is a slow physical and moral torture and a crime that has no excuses.

The Forum of Tajik Freethinkers demands that the mother of the child be allowed to take him abroad for a medical treatment. He can still be saved.

The seizure of the passport and the ban on departure grossly violates Articles 1, 5, 10, 14, 17,18, 19, 24, 34 of the Constitution of Tajikistan.

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