Admission of a Tajik security officer

On assassinating Muhiddin Kabiri and other plans of Tajik security services

Taking into account the booming events of the recent years that have been happening in our country, I would like to tell the civil society my views about this situation through this video. Now I live temporarily in one of the European countries. I am Mahmadali Rasulov, an official of the Tajik State Committee for National Security (SCNT). I have started my official activity in this committee since 1997. As an operational officer, I have worked in a number of central offices of the committee. From the end of 2003 to the early 2004, I continued my official activities in the Russian Federation and then in some European countries.

In 2015 on the basis of a secretive order of the Tajik security services’ leadership, a special working and unofficial group consisting of three security officers, including me was set up in the Russian Federation. The colonel Nazarov was the head of this group. The second officer was the major Abdurahimov. The group’s officers, both Nazarov and Abdurahimov work unofficially in the territory of the Russian Federation. I was working as a public servant while both of them as representatives of business companies.

Since 2016, I have had a duty to visit European countries several times. The purpose of these visits was to study the situation of the Tajik opposition in Europe, especially among the IRPT’s members.

From 2016 until March 2018, I have traveled to Europe for eight times. During my visits, I conducted several operational campaigns and implemented the planned operations. As a result, we succeeded to create disagreements and divisions among the Tajik opposition groups. Also we tried to create an alternative division (fraction) the IRPT by convincing people that there are several divisions and groups in this party.

I hope the people who follow the situations in Tajikistan via media and social networks have already realized that a division and disagreement among the Tajik opposition groups took place. This is a result of the security services’ efforts.

I am not going to speak how we, as security officers, succeeded to create divisions, with whom we have talked. Here I would like to draw your attention to 2 points and 2 mission, that are vital.

The task, which was up to March 2018 and consisted of special projects, was to convince the opposition groups to return to the country, including the group that we consider it as extremist-terrorist organization in Tajikistan. I am sorry that the project has not reached its final point. In February, the project has really failed and was not longer on the table. Because the security services’ leadership had put a point in the project in order not to be succeeded. This was the project of reconciliation.

I remind you again. The main objectives of my stay in European countries were Tajik citizens, including the IRPT leader Muhiddin Kabiri and other opposition leaders such as Sharofiddin Gadoev, Shamsiddin Saidov, Ravshani Timuriyon, Timur Varki and others. As a matter of the fact, when I was traveling to European countries, I had several times contacted some of them. I have presented them the proposals of the security services’ leadership about management to return to Tajikistan and they have really accepted the proposals, but they had one condition. They said that, if the political prisoners are freed, they can manage to return back to the country during one day. It is worthy to note that we have, in fact, discussed with Ravshani Temuriyon, an opposition figure, this project of reconciliation for several months and we have been trying to implement this project through Ravshani Temuriyon. But in the end, I was given a duty to speak personally with Kabiri and other leading members of the IRPT and present them this proposal. When I went to Germany on February 2017 to meet Sharofiddin Gadoyev, who had the task of mediator, I have met and explained the situation and discussed it for one week. I have also explained the situation to Moscow, explaining to Nazarov.

Nazarov used to inform the security services’ leadership about the situation. The leadership of the committee decided that Sharofiddin Gadoev has to contact Yatimov, head of the committee, in this regard.

I have later learned the main reason. Yatimov had during the conversation told Gadoev: “Leave these groups. Do not go with them. Return back. I will personally accept you and restore your business and offer you other opportunities and privileges for you.” But Sharofiddin Gadoev tried to talk about the situations of the opposition and to convince him. Following hearing these words from Yatimov, Gadoev was in reality astonished.

Gadoev told me: “Why did you speak about the reconciliation, but head of the committee says a reconciliation will not be done with the IRPT. Just you and other guys who are not with the IRPT can return.

Therefore, I was also concerned about the results of conversation between Gadoev and head of the committee. I returned back to Moscow.

When I returned to Moscow, colonel Nazarov, my boss, has met me. We have set up three working groups and Nazarov said that the reconciliation project with opposition groups, especially the IRPT and others was not in the agenda. There is a new plan. Our working group has to be involved in this plan.

The new plan was that I had to return back to Europe. I have been working on collecting the accurate data. The purpose of the plan was to assassinate leader of the IRPT, citizen of Tajikistan, Muhiddin Kabiri.

To accomplish this plan, according to the colonel Nazarov, representatives of other government institutions would also take part in this plan. I returned to Germany and my main task was to get closer to the opposition figures, including Muhiddin Kabiri. I had the task to identify the locations of Muhiddin Kabiri, his children and his family. Which ways they use, which cities they travel. And which cities Kabiri himself travels. Where they eat, in which restaurant they visit and which buildings they go in and out. Which car they use, what foods they eat and all these data I had to collect and send to the center.

I again emphasize that Yatimov had directly supervised this operation, which was planned by the Tajik security services. For the assassination of Muhiddin Kabiri, a group of special force, of course, had to travel to Germany.

I would like to emphasize that the plan for assassination of Muhiddin Kabiri, the murder of Kabiri, is still underway and should be implemented in the future. Until the implementation of the plan (ie assassination of a citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan, former member of Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan and the IRPT’s leader Muhiddin), the leadership of State Committee for National Security (SCNS) and the leadership of the country will never give up and try their best to implement it.

Giving the current situations of the country and the SCNS, I declare that I fully cut my relations with the State Committee for National Security beginning from today. I do not want to take part in the murder of our citizen, a citizen of Tajikistan.

I don’t want the incident, that happened with Umarali Kuvvatov in Turkey, to be repeated. I appreciate a peaceful political space to return back to Tajikistan and all opponents, all citizens of Tajikistan, who are in exile, to return back to their homes, and their homeland.

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