Attention! Fake Tajik opposition pops up in Europe

Temur Varki

Trying to be modern, the fake Rakhmon democracy of Tajikistan does its best to create fake virtual opposition using its European minions. The trolls are even allowed to occasionally criticize the government, though extremely cautiously and reluctantly, but they are instructed to violently attack the National Alliance and its leader Muhiddin Kabiri. So while mentioning in social media the corrupted governing Rakhmon family once, they fall on Kabiri, IRPT, National Allied opposition more than 100 times.

It is assumed to work like this -we are fed up with the authorities and the opposition, but mostly with the latter. Both are evil, but opposition is uttermost, so let’s smear it with dirt. We’d better continue to tolerate total corruption, suffocating the people and the state , thieves, embezzlers and stupid in power.

The agenda, set in front of the fake opponents by the curators from the special services, is exactly the same Rakhmon has used for the last 27 years — to split the real united opposition into secular and religious, discredit, illegalise and doubt moral consistency of the of public opinion leaders. Trolls have no supporters on the native soil whatever, but who cares?

The secular are the first to be attacked then, and not at all virtually. Otakhon Latifi, Muhammad Osimi, Minhodzh Gulyamov, Iskhaki were shot dead. Tokhir Abdujabbor and Asliddin Sohibnazarov are strongly supposed to have been poisoned.

Recently a massive virtual attack of the government trolls and moles in Europe, disclaimed as new democratic opposition to Rakhmon, was launched against several emigrant joint opposition members, declaring them extremists and terrorists.

Among them:

Salim Ayubzod, a new director of Radio Ozodi(Freedom),

Mirzo Salimpur, editor-in-chief of the Ahbor.com independent media,

Dariyush Rajabiyon, BBC Persian Service correspondent,

Esfandior Odin, the former head of the Dushanbe BBC bureau,

Barzu Abdurazzakov, a theater director, widely known in the country and abroad,

Zafar Sufi, a journalist and a poet, former head of the closed “Ozodagon” holding,

Isfandiyori Nazar, poet and journalist,

Muhammadikbol Sadriddin, editor-in-chief of Isloh.net the only representative of the Islamic Rebirth Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) and my humble self.

Us being declared extremists and terror supporters, the former chief editor of Nigokh, Sayidmuhiddin Dustov, is being strangely proclaimed as an opposition activist by government trolls.

The selection of targets for an informational attack by pro-government moles in Europe and other countries is an integral part of the “Vatandor” Operation, ideologically intended since 1997. The aim is to draw the line of separation or fault between the secular part of the Tajik society and the IRPT. The authorities in Dushanbe do not need any moderate modernist Islamic opposition with a broad social base within the country.

The government sees the IRPT as the main obstacle to its scenario of turning the democratic secular and constitutional state into a dynastic clerical monarchy. To counteract the IRPT, the government relies on the ISIS oriented religious radicals, issuing laws like “Tanzim”.

The authorities see an even greater danger in uniting the liberal forces, civil society and the moderate islamic party modernized by Muhiddin Kabiri. Rakhmonov is frightened by the premonition of a new UTO — the United Tajik Opposition, which once drove him to sit down at the negotiation table and make peace. The National Alliance of Tajikistan’s success scares the authorities with the risk of awakening and unification of all liberal secular and creative moderate islamic forces, including the IRPT.

New Coalition — the NAT, relies on the population of all regions of the country. Therefore, NAT makes the corrupted family, that privatized the whole country, shiver with fear and burning hatred. That is why Europe is being filled with agents of influence, allegedly fleeing from persecution of the regime.

The family has already become accustomed to plunder and recklessly milk the population with impunity, to trade in national interests, subsoil riches and territories. Therefore, they are rather afraid of any signs of the civil society activity awakening , civil self-awareness and solidarity of all fragmented and for a long time suppressed parts of the society, which may require respect, restoration of their violated rights and accountability of power to the society.

In order to prevent Tajik society from uniting and starting to build and develop the country, eliminating censorship, returning medias the right to cover society’s problems fearlessly, declaring free elections for legitimate peaceful transit of power, transparency and accountability of the authorities, the current government fills Europe with its adepts, aiming to do everything to crush the opposition and neutralize the National Alliance of Tajikistan.

(To be continued)


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