Authoritarian Tendencies of President Rahmon caused crisis of the independent Media in Tajikistan

Speech of Humayra Bakhtiyar at a plenary session OSCE HDIM

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Reporters without borders in its statement said, President Emomali Rahmon, who is officially titled “Founder of Peace and National Unity” and “Leader of the Nation”, increasingly indulges his authoritarian tendencies, thereby threatening the fragile national consensus built after a civil war.”

Closures of Media Outlets and Departure of Journalist Abroad

“Government pressure compounded by an economic crisis has resulted in the closure of most independent media outlets, a great deal of self-censorship, and the departure of dozens of journalists into self-imposed exile.”- continued the statement.

Unfortunately, “harassment by the intelligence services, intimidation and blackmail are now part of the daily routine for the journalists who have stayed behind.”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Despite these facts, the Tajik officials speak without feeling any shame about freedom of expression and free press. Since the worst 2015 crackdown on the Tajik opposition, the basic freedoms of the Tajik nation was dramatically limited and many media outlets were closed or faced fierce pressures imposed by the security services.

Dear all,

Also, after 2015 crackdown we lost Freedom of Speech in Tajikistan. Belong to the Reporters Without Borders analyses in 2014 Tajikistan was in 115 position for Freedom of Speech and Mass Media. Until 2018 we lost 34 position and now Tajikistan from 180 countries list for Freedom Of Speech is on 149 place and was concluded to Red Zone countries for freedom of Speech.

Since 2014 year around 10 independent Mass Media in Tajikistan were closed and around 50 journalists flied the country.


In the end,

I call the OSCE countries and the international community call Tajikistan to stop to using the family members of Tajik Journalists as hostages. A specially call you help us to stop of morally terrorising our family members from Tajik Intelligens service. Thank you very much for the attention!

Eurasian Dialogue Institution


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