Ахбори Анҷуман

The NAT Statement on Latest Developments in Badakhshan

National Alliance of Tajikistan strongly condemns the use of weapons and violence against peaceful protesters in the city of Khorog, as a result of which two people were killed and a number of people were injured. We fully support the people of Badakhshan.

National Alliance of Tajikistan calls on all other regions of Tajikistan to support the people of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous region in their heroic struggle against lawlessness.

National Alliance of Tajikistan believes that the latest statement of the Prosecutor’s Office of Gorno-Badakhshan region, their accusations and persecution measures of participants in people’s peaceful assembly make obvious not only all the falsity and groundlessness of the actions of the authorities against the people of Badakhshan, but more than that — with their statement, the Prosecutor’s Office of the region gives the law enforcement agencies and military units located in the region green light to use weapons against peaceful protesters, which is considered a crime against humanity committed against their own people.

National Alliance of Tajikistan calls on all law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan, including the military, to base their actions on true love for the homeland and refuse to follow criminal orders to use weapons against their own people, our compatriots in Badakhshan, not to stain their hands in the blood of their brothers and not to become accomplices in the crimes of the Rahmon crime family against the people of Tajikistan.

National Alliance of Tajikistan calls on all partner countries and international organizations to make every effort to stop mass killings and repressions against the people of Badakhshan by the dictatorial regime of Rahmon and to promote the protection and implementation of the legitimate rights and demands of our fellow citizens.

National Alliance of Tajikistan


Рубрики:Ахбори Анҷуман, Баёнияҳо, Ҷомеа

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