Statement of the National Alliance of Tajikistan on support of the SDPT in upcoming elections

The National Alliance of Tajikistan calls on all fellow citizens, both inside the country and abroad, to vote for the Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan (SDPT) in the upcoming parliamentary elections, which will be held on March 1, 2020. The SDPT is considered as the only registered opposition party nowadays inside the country, its representatives in the new parliament can raise the voices of the voters and can be accountable before the laws and the people.

The National Alliance of Tajikistan (NAT) believes that voters and the political parties representing their will and interests have the full legal rights to form government, because the Constitution of Tajikistan states: “in Tajikistan the people shall be the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of state power, which provide it directly or through their representatives.”

The NAT believes, the elections is a legal instrument that the people as well as the political parties through it can form the government and a peaceful change of power takes place.

We knows that a fair and transparent elections will not be held in Tajikistan, because there are no such conditions for it. The authorities will falsify the elections’ results in their favor. However, we are convinced that participation in elections, even in such unequal conditions, is a necessary step towards political responsibility and the maturity of the nation.

National Alliance of Tajikistan




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