Ахбори Анҷуман

In memoriam of Oleg Panfilov

This morning we all suffered an irreparable loss. Our friend, brother and colleague, a well-known Tajik, publicist and historian Oleg Panfilov passed away at the age of 66.This is not only the common loss of the members of the National Alliance of Tajikistan.This is not only the loss of a comrade-in-arms of the Tajik opposition when you lose one of your friends in the ranks.

This is without doubt a loss for the entire civil society, scientific and creative circles of Tajikistan. Because the contribution of Oleg Panfilov to the return of the Tajik spiritual and historical value is invaluable. Same is true about his civic efforts and personal contribution aimed at legalizing these after decades of Soviet Stalinist bans and oblivion.

Oleg Panfilov was the first to publicly raise the issue of returning the city of Leninabad where he grew up it’s ancient historical name — Khujand. Oleg Panfilov was one of the first in the Soviet period of history to call for the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of Tajiks. And thus he made irreconcilable enemies and ill-wishers not only among the Russian chauvinists in Tajikistan and Russia, but also among the Tajik stalinists party nomenklatura careerists and opportunists, eager to forget their cultural roots.

The contribution of Oleg Panfilov to the initiation of the public and scientific discussions on the support of the Tajik national liberation movement, on the return of the Tajik language in Tajikistan to its legitimate officially recognized place, on the support of Tajikistan’s independence was invaluable. Perhaps this was the only Russian who was not only a supporter but actually a member of the Tajik national liberation movement «Rastakhiz».

During the years of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against the sovereignty of Tajikistan in 1992-1997, not only ordinary supporters of the independence of Tajikistan, but primarily Tajik journalists were massacred. It was Oleg Panfilov who took a giant effort to depict in his book the violent slaughter of 78 Tajik journalists through 1992 — 2000.

Oleg Panfilov was born in the ancient Tajik city Khujand and was a proud countryman of Kamoli Khujandi and Rudaki.His short but bright and eventful life enden in his second homeland, as he called Shota Rustaveli homeland, in Georgia. Those who knew Oleg were not surprised that he opposed external aggression against Georgia as well.

Like many people for whom the words “Freedom”, “Equality”, “Brotherhood”, “Dignity” really matter Oleg Panfilov as a true Russian intellectual until his last days stood with Ukraine, its Revolution of Dignity, against Putin’s Russia unprovoked armed aggression.

Oleg, your demise for Tajikistan is irreplaceable.

Glory and eternal memory to you Oleg!

National Alliance of Tajikistan


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